Cont şters
2018-01-26 18:34:12
! ofer 40 puncte ! Cine ma poate ajuta cu un eseu in engleza ' If you plant laziness you will reap failure ' in jur la 90 cuvinte )))) Urgent va rog !!!!!
Răspunsuri la întrebare
2018-01-26 19:18:40

Laziness is the root cause of all failures. First of all, being lazy is sometimes a good idea since everyone needs to unwind from time to time and forget about schedules and things on to-do lists. But as we all know, when trying to achieve a certain goal or task, perseverance is the most important idea to keep in mind. Being lazy prevents people from continuing with what they decided to do in the long run. If laziness is replaced with determination and a strong motivation, there really are no limits to what a person can achieve, no matter how difficult the task at hand might be.

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