2018-01-23 05:46:27
Alcatuiti o compunere de 150- 200 cuvinte in engleza cu urmatoarele cuvinte : exhausted , recued , threateningly , deserted , ghost , shriex , shodow , footsleps , howl. va roggg!!
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Cont şters
2018-01-23 08:35:16

This morning I woke up exhausted because the other day I rescued 3 dogs from the shelter. They were  threateningly old for the shelter and deserted from the other dogs. They were very sick and looked like a ghost inside, they were scared of their own shadow and the footsteps of people. Every night they were scared to howl, because at the shelter if the howled, they got whipped.  Nu stiu la ce te referi prin shriex, dar sper ca te-am ajutat!

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