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answer the quiz about usa. 1 When do Americansstrt decorating chrismas trees? 2 What is thanksgiving Day? 3 what do you know about the year 1620 4 Why did the colonists decide to have a feast in 1621? 5 What is the mother land of popcorn? 6 Who declared thanksgiving Day a holiday? 7 What are the symbol of the colonists survial? 8 What is New Orleans famous for? 9 Where is Washington,DC SITUATED? 10What are the symbolof the American Nation?
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1. In many areas is set at the begining of the Advent season, although many families start a week prior to Thanksgiving Day 2. Is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding day 3. - Playmouth Colony was founded in Plymouth, Massachusetts - John Carver was named the first governor of Plymouth Colony - 102 pilgrims embarked from England on Mayflower 4. Because the first corn harvest was succesful 5. Midwestern United States 6. Abraham Lincoln 7. turkey, corn, pumpkins and cranberry sauce 8. Franch and Spanish Creole architecture, jazz music, cuisine, Mardi Gras 9. mid-Atlantic region of the US East Coast, in Washington district 10. the Liberty Bell, US flag, the bald eagle, the national anthem, Uncle Sam, Statue of Liberty

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