2016-04-18 01:00:57
Am primit tema asta si nu stiu cu sa fac: scrie un eseu despre avantajele și dezavantajele de a fi o persoană publică Puteti sa scrieti si in romana ca traduc eu
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2016-04-18 01:41:27

Beeing a public person can be sometimes different, but also beautiful and interesting. On a hand, we have the advantages of beeing a public person. First of all, everyone knows you( almost) and you can give authographs and people like to take pictures of you. Also, you feel special , loved , apriciated and you know that a lot of people apriciate you and your work. On the other hand, we have the disvantages of beeing a public person. Every one will see the your mistakes and sometimes you will feel mad. Also, at one point, you will be stressed that the press will photo you every where and will find out everything about you. You will run after your privacy and freetime. So, beeing a public person it is thought and at the same time wonderful .

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